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Super Guide Of Hammer Crusher Operating
1. Preparation before starting this machine
Check whether there is appropriate amount of lubricating oil in the bearing or not;
Check all fasteners to see whether they are fastened or not;
Check the gap between the screen and the hammer to see whether it is appropriate or not;
Rotate the rotor with hand to see whether it is in normal condition, whether rotation direction is correct, whether the hammer impacts against other parts or not.
2. The starting of the crusher
Check to make sure the machine and transmission part are in normal condition and then start up the crusher.
When unusual circumstance occurs after the starting of the machine, stop it immediately. It is a must to check the machine and eliminate abnormal conditions before re-starting of the machine.
3. Maintenance and use
It is allowed to feed materials after the crusher begins its normal operation.
It is a must to feed materials evenly and spread materials on the whole working length of the rotor to prevent from load increase of the motor.
Check the screen strips regularly, and clean away unwanted materials when screen strips are jammed.
Under normal condition, temperature rise of bearing should be within 35?, the maximum temperature should no higher than 70?. If the maximum temperature exceeds 70?, stop the machine immediately, find out causes and eliminate this abnormal circumstance.
Stop feeding before stopping the machine. Wait until all materials in the crushing cavity are crushed completely, and then stop the motor.
Replace the elastic sleeve on the shaft coupling in time with a new one when it is found damaged.
Size of product granules can be adjusted by the following two ways:
(1) Change the type of the screen strips, or insert filling blocks in both ends of the screen strip slots to change the gap of the screen strips.
(2) Rotate eccentric wheel axle to adjust the gap between the hammer and the screen strips.
When the vibration value increases suddenly, stop the machine immediately, find out causes and eliminate this abnormal circumstance.
When assemble or replace the hammer, it is a must to keep the balance of the rotor. Total weight of six hammers on one hammer shaft should be equivalent to total weight of hammers on the opposite hammer shaft; weight deviation should be no larger than 100g.