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Installation And Adjustment Of Double Roll Crushers With reference the groud work manual accompanying the user manual, design construction sheet, install the machine to a solid basis, in order to bear force while it work , can placed wooden liner .so that the entire machine will fit with the sleepers, and leaving port for the discharge material. The machine is supplied with complete assemble, careful examination during the transport or storage process of a long time, see if the machine without damage, sliding parts whether corrosion. To determine the machine before the installation. Machine installation, after identify the level, and then install the drive section as the drawings .the drive belt should be adjusted to the appropriate position, the pressure spring to be transferred to the appropriate location .After all the installation ,check of the fastening parts shall not be loosen. After installing the machine, put into production, you must make a trial run. 1. Empty running test: Machines in use on-site, to carry out of 2 hours continuous idling test ,the bearing temperature rise during operation shall not exceed 30. C, maximum temperature rise of not more than 40 C, gears, long gears, pulleys and rollers and other parts of triangle rotation should be smoothly, no unusual noise, not a collision between two rollers. 2. Load test: Achieve a good trial run to start the load running test, not less than 8 hours continuous operation. Determination of particle size and the actual output of the compliance requirements and ensure long bearing temperature must not exceed 35 C ,the crusher working smoothly, there should not be more severe vibration, the fasteners should be secure. The point must be filled with grease lubrication. Should be well sealed and no leakage. If the finishing ore does not meet the size requirements, the active devices can be adjusted by the back-end adjustment bolts, such as the instability found in current fluctuations during operation, it should check whether the feed size to meet the requirements, after the normal load test succeed ,it can be put into production use.