​Choosing The Right Coal Crusher For Your Work?
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Choosing The Right Coal Crusher For Your Work
Coal Crusher, as is evident from the name, is a machine that crushes coal. The hard and solid pieces of coal are passed through the Coal Crusher which crushes them in the form of fine powder. The two types of systems that are used for crushing coal can be classified as open-circuit crushing and closed-circuit crushing. The open-circuit crushing system is simple and quick to operate as compared to the closed-circuit crushing system where the crusher is unable to meet the requirement of crushing the coal into specific size. Nevertheless, prior to selecting any of the Coal Crushers, proper research must be done about the available types, in particular, the right type.
Crushers types:
• Jaw crusher
• Roller crusher
• Hammer crusher
• Ring-Hammer crusher
• Impact crusher
• Gyratory crusher
• Cone crusher
• Impact crusher
Provided that there are several types of crushers, one must be selective while deciding on any specific one. Below-mentioned are some of the points that must be considered while buying coal crusher:
1. Coal crushers are available in different sizes throughout the market. Make sure that the crusher which matches the original size of the raw coal is selected. Other machines such as Jaw crusher would be required to crush the coal to the desired size if it is larger than the maximum input capacity of the coal crusher.
2. Choose the crusher according to the desired size of the crushed coal. On the whole, Coal crushers come in different crushing capacities such as fine, medium and large crushing. One must select the crusher which can break up the coal into the desired fraction. For example - Jaw crushers would be perfect to crush the coal in less than 13mm. On the contrary, to crush the coal in the grain size of 6mm, Vertical shaft Impact crusher is the ideal choice.
3. Prior to the selection, consider the required amount of crushed coal. For example a hammer crusher is used to get small quantities of crushed coal whereas heavy duty cone crusher can be used for crushing coal in large quantities.
4. Last but not least, choose the crusher according to the water content of the coal. For example- a jaw crusher is suitable to crush the coal containing the moisture content of less than 8% whereas a roller crusher is ideal for crushing coal with water content up to 40%.