​Knowing The Knowledge About Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher Is Very Necessary
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Knowing The Knowledge About Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher Is Very Necessary
The cement is important in the building of our economy based raw materials at home and abroad, and there is no one material instead of its position. With the high speed development of economy, the role of the cement is more and more big. As an important foundation industry, cement industry has become an important symbol of social development level. And countries in search of ore to encourage and so the strength of the mining industry marketing. Along with the small coal mine, small cement is closed, large new concentrator and large cement machine construction, this has to mining equipment put forward higher request, the urgent need to processing capacity, choose points high efficiency and reliable operation of the energy conservation and environmental protection crusher equipment. Mining equipment of automation, large-scale and high efficiency energy conservation become crusher manufacturing enterprise of future development direction.
High efficiency energy saving and environmental protection equipment operation cost, as industry scale and technology progress and falling rapidly. Less costly, people are more willing to purchase affordable, quality reliable environmental protection and energy saving equipment production as the device of choice. Based on this, the environmental protection energy-saving crusher shows more of its long-term development advantage.
Jaw crusher as hard materials such as ore broken the crude broken equipment, with big crushing ratio, high output, particle size uniform, simple structure, easy maintenance, low production cost characteristic. Jaw crusher work move jaw plate and material, and often suffer direct contact with the load is bigger. When into crusher is in the process of feeding port, may always have a special strong stones or iron and other hard to broken objects, if not a suitable insurance a timely banned the happening of this kind of circumstance, so hard materials in a crushing cavity helpless deformity pieces, and even directly interfere with the operation of equipment, causing stop review. And have insurance for this situation a supply security, will be greatly progress all equipment and production lines active hammer to control.
When jaw crusher cavity not broken into broken things (such as iron, steel ball) when, for maintenance equipment important components from being destroyed and taken after thrust board as crusher insurance components. After the molten iron plate thrust individual overall, in which open a slot or several holes to drop its section strength; Also can cast two pieces, and then use screws together, composition combination
Thrust board. But not broken things into the crushing cavity, equipment, grand scene produced overload crushing force to push board thrust board to break or combination of thrust board screw, machine cut end work, have insurance effect.
The design principle is not only very fit, and easy control, transfer to a supply is low, the operation of insurance of the whole equipment, easily measurement are not damaged is also very with good.