​A Study On Jaw Crusher Frame Quality Analysis
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A Study On Jaw Crusher Frame Quality Analysis
For the jaw crusher, the support of the entire machine is running jaw plate and bearing, so in summing up the quality of jaw crusher points on the bottom flat against the rack for processing of mill print available from the following three aspects analysis.
First of all talk about the quality of spindle point. Spindle in accordance with the technical specification work force under the relatively poor, it must be forged spindle material. Vehicles directly used for processing of round steel spindle unable to obtain sufficient in quality assurance. This is because after the forged material in the forging process to obtain a higher lattice structure and mechanical behavior. Turning to the direct use of round steel can be greatly reduced production costs, but also greatly reduces the spindle quality. Liming's crusher machine are used forged spindle, spindle through the testing equipment to ensure quality. Therefore, the spindle using forged round bar material is used, there exists an obvious qualitative differences.
Again, the wear-resistant parts using a crusher machine key. Jaw crusher wear parts are mainly fixed jaw plate and static jaw plate, jaw plate material is generally manganese steel parts. Manganese steel jaw plates pieces of basic raw materials is a common scrap, scrap the difference is not large, but the key point is the need to add the wear-resistant element. The most important element is the ferromanganese. Quality of manganese steel parts wear resistance strong, and has a certain toughness. The easiest way is to take a test magnet, try, and jaw plate can have a strong magnetic phenomena. If the magnet on the jaw plate has obvious magnetic phenomena, it shows less than the amount of wear-resistant elements to add. In addition, good quality jaw plate after a good heat treatment, the internal grain very refined, so has very good toughness. In the broken hard materials, it will not fracture and so on.
The last point is the quality of the bearings, bearing the price of different quality varies greatly. Bearing upon the quality of the actual production can only receive certification. Good bearing is not easy fever, life is very long. The poor quality of the bearing will cause relatively large production losses because of the replacement bearings require professional and tools, while large jaw crusher to replace bearings need a couple of days. Therefore, we must use excellent quality bearings, can ensure the effective long-term crusher run.